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Telemedicine is a secure way to see your doctor over video. A telemedicine visit allows you to see your doctor face-to-face over video and receive the same care as an in-office appointment. Telemedicine for patients is easy. Use your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any computer with a camera and microphone. Simply follow the instructions our office will send you after scheduling a telemedicine visit.  We will send you a link via email, which will connect and join your doctor on a secure video visit.


Telemedicine is the use of technology that enables remote healthcare (telehealth). It makes it possible for physicians to treat patients whenever needed and wherever the patient is, by using a computer or smartphone.

Here are a few of the situations in which telemedicine can be utilized in place of an in-office visit:






There are, however, many times where an in-office visit is necessary.  Our staff will help you make the best decision for your appointment.  Please call our office or fill out the request an appointment form and we will be in contact to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  For more information on telemedicine/ telehealth, please visit

  • Common symptoms such as headache, sore throat, back pain, digestive troubles

  • Inquiries about various medical issues for home treatments

  • Post-treatment follow-up for chronic care

  • Faster refill of short-term medical prescriptions

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